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I’m an entrepreneur going deep on climate tech and I’ll share with you my learnings; don’t worry I won’t overload you. I’ll also provide my analysis of the big climate news - what’s actually meaningful versus greenwashing. I’ll draw on my experience as an investor and an operator at Comcast Ventures and Health IQ - and now as an entrepreneur-in-residence at OMERS Ventures - to share with you my views on the technologies and opportunities that are going to make a dent in climate change.

I also really do love the outdoors, as you can see, not much has changed since I was 4!

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Into the Green will feature bi-weekly posts highlighting what I’ve learned over the prior two weeks from speaking to founders, executives, investors and operators on climate tech. My goal is to take you along with me on my journey as I learn more about climate tech and potential solutions to the climate crisis.

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