Interview with Ph.D. and Climate Farm School founder Laney Siegner
The resources I've used thus far to educate myself on regenerative agriculture
The ups and downs and what I learned along the way
A review of the support services and ecosystem players out there
It's not the cow, it's the how
Regenerative agriculture has the potential to change the world and I can't stop talking about it
Last week we discussed the Texas blackouts and I shared that your EV battery might be able to power your home during a blackout. This week we cover it …
If you subscribe to 33 climate tech newsletters like me or perhaps just have a pulse, you may have heard that most of Texas lost power in a horrific an…
Who do I have to beg around here to get some solar panels installed on my roof and why do only 3% of US homes have rooftop solar, versus 20% of homes i…
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